Fully Customizable

One of the most important features of Semplice is it's ability to fully customize the look & feel of your portfolio.


Your favorite Webfonts

An essential part for a good portfolio is the ability to work with your favorite fonts. In Semplice you can work with any webfont service or easily configure self hosted webfonts.

Gotham Light
Gotham Regular
Gotham Semibold

Gotham Bold

Freight Display Pro
Freight Display Pro Italic


Fullscreen Cover

Present your work in a bold way with our Fullscreen Cover Feature. You can add an Image or Video that will always displayed at full width and height. Ready for customization.


Exclusive Content Editor

The heart of Semplice is our exclusive content editor which let's you create immersive case studies or landing pages within minutes without knowing how to code.


Semplice Showcase

Creatives around the world are already using Semplice. Amazing designers, Illustrators & Photographers already use & love Semplice. Visit our showcase to see some of the best.

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